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About Me

Francisco Paulino will bring vast experience, skills, and knowledge to the house of Representatives. As a Methuen resident, homeowner, and multiple business owner, Paulino has the tools necessary to legislate. He is an energetic young man with a passion for justice and believes in helping others achieve their goals. Paulino feels it is time for a proactive voice to be heard.

  • Graduated from Mount Washington College in 2012 with a BA In Science of Criminal Justice Degree Summa Cum Laude.

  • Graduated from Suffolk University Law School in 2016, obtaining a Juris Doctor and a Master of Law in Taxation (Tax LLM).

  • PAULINO gained valuable experience as an advocate working for the Housing Discrimination Testing Program at Suffolk University Law School.

  • As a student attorney for the Suffolk University Law School’s Immigration Clinic, Paulino represented vulnerable members of the community at immigration court.

  • PAULINO is the Founder of Madison Tax LLC, Madison Mortgage Inc, Jackson Enterprise- DBA Heavenly Donuts, Jackson Madison LLC, and Paulino Enterprise LLC.

  • PAULINO is a former Lawrence Committee member, a community activist, a successful entrepreneur, and a positive contributor to the community.




  • Free Early Childhood Education for All.

  • Redevelopment of the k-12 school curriculum.

  • Legislations that incentivize Small Business Growth.

  • Creation and enhancement of apprenticeship programs. 

  • Expansion of vocational and trade schools.

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